The Gainesville Offshore Fishing Club has been fortunate to have many distinguished and talented members serve as president. Their commitment and expertise has made the club the success it is today. Our thanks to all of them!

1968 Dennis Curington1969 William C. Smith1970 Ray Wood1971 Gene Timmerman
1972 Joe Holton1973 William C. Sloan1974 Fred Guggenheimer1975 T. Edward Freeman
1976 John H. Mitchell1977 H. H. Luke1978 Richard Herndon1979 Ed Ellett
1980 Sharon Clark1981 Thomas Stewart1982 Billy McDaniel1983 Ed Sapp
1984 Jimmy Hale1985 John Patrick1986 Gary Warren1987 Gary Hill
1988 Ed Nordyke1989 Len Pattison1990 Mark Stubbs1991 Eddie Bell
1992 Cecil Quates1993 Mike Smith1994 Doris Horton1995 Bill Brown
1996 Mark Robinson1997 Russ Roy1998 Ed Dyksterhouse1999 Charles Courtney
2000 Wiley Horton2001 Richard McDavid2002 Brian Kiel2003 Dave Abril
2004 Tommy Hines2005 Tommy Thompson2006 Tommy Thompson2007 Jay Peacock
2008 David Perry2009 Sanford Boye2010 Mark Rustemier2011 Allen Turner
2012 Jon Thomas2013 Lou Graf2014 John Byatt2015 Leroy Holmes
2016 Hal Wilson2017 Justin Magnifico2018 Dale Reed2019 Glenn Acomb
2020 Mark Haberman2021 Mark Haberman2022 Ross McElroy