Middle Grounds Adventure

This was our bounty from an overnight trip to the Middle Grounds that included myself, Dale Reed, Rob Suter and Chris McGinley.

African Pompano

This was one of two African pompano caught in 58′ off Cedar Key in early July.

Reid’s Mahi

This was the largest of the mahi we caught off St. Augustine over Memorial Day weekend.

End of the Rainbow

This was taken on Day 2 of an overnight Middle Grounds trip. We were between spots and the end of the rainbow was right near where we were heading next.

Triple tail

Spent the day looking for triple tail and found some

This Bull tried to win.

It was a beautiful day, so we decided to try and go get our limit of Snapper, which we did and then some, like this 7′ Bull Shark which took me for a ride!

10 ft shark

Cedar key, red snapper trip

Father’s Day bonus!

Ideal weather though hot – Barge trip. 35″ catch/release AJ to complete my Ten Slam Award pursuit. 2nd AJ caught so didn’t have to endure too much pain. Also, delighted to catch limit of Red Snapper – great to bring a few home. Thank you to FWC, CCA and all making possible!