29″ Cedar Key Redfish

With the outgoing tide ripping, I tossed a redfish magic into the turbulent waters near some small grass/oyster islands west of North Key. At first I thought I was snagged. Then the “rock” shook its head, and it was on!

CR 9lb Tripletail

The Tripletail bite has been very consistent lately in Crystal River. This one ate a freelined live shrimp on a 1/0 hook, #20 flurocarbon leader, and #10 Fins Windtamer braid.

Airboat Fishing at Cedar Key

My grandson, Wes Hudson, called me up a while back and says “Grandaddy I’ve been checking the tides and January 4 looks good for airboat fishing, would you take me and some buddies airboat fishing for my birthday. Naturally, the answer was a resounding yes. So, I took 3 twelve year old boys airboat fishing. We had a blast, caught […] Continue Reading

GOFC helping to restore reefs

Adhering to our mission statement “…to promote and support recreational saltwater fishing in the Big Bend area…”, the GOFC recently presented Jody Courtney (VP of the Taylor County Research Team) a $2500.00 donation to support the Taylor County Reef Project. The future of our fishery depends upon a healthy reef system! More information about the Taylor Reef Project…

New Vermillion Snapper Club Record

Capt. Ken Knopf is at it again! Ken’s 1.4 lb Vermillion Snapper is almost double the previous record weight for the species! See all the GOFC records… Remember, if you think you have a GOFC record entry: A GOFC Weigh Slip must be printed and signed. The entry must be weighed on a State certified scale (Publix, Robinson’s Seafood, etc.) to obtain […] Continue Reading

New Atlantic Bumper and Ladyfish Club Records

A club record does not have to be a drag-screaming brute of a fish. It can be a first, or just slightly larger than the previous record. Remember, tournaments are often won by mere ounces!! Capt. Brittany Rothfolk entered the first line-caught Atlantic Bumper (0.40 lbs) in club history. She also bested the previous Ladyfish record by 0.25 lbs! See […] Continue Reading