My First Big Ugly

Landed this black drum while kayak fishing near Cedar Key.

Cub Scout day friends enjoy trip

60+ years ago Ed Ellett/Steve Walker in same Cub Scout troop together. Steve invited Ed on recent Cedar Key, Mackerel fishing trip.

All smiles BEFORE undertaking cleaning!

Fun Sheepshead trip with GOFC members Eric and his Dad, and, Dominic’s daughter, Katie.

Six pack of Hotdog Shrimp

Searching for the early run of the gulf shrimp, best throw of the day

CK setting heart moon

Waiting at the ramp and got this shot, afterwards saw in the photo the moon looks like a heart

CK predawn sky

Prior to an airboat launch to the back country creeks I got this shot at predawn

Dark Island Red

Caught a limit of reds and some trout