St John’s Shrimping trip

Charlie Courtney led a flotilla of 5 boats shrimping on the St John’s River on Saturday, August 27. We all got lots of practice throwing the cast net and rewarded with bags of delicious shrimp. Lunch at Corky Bell’s was delicious!.

Triple tail

Caught shrimp in the morning for bait went looking for triple tail Ken Knopf with a nice 17 pound Triple tail

Using big shrimp to catch big fish

Cast netting bait around Cedar Key using mullet, large shrimp and mud minnows. We found a few nice snook and one legal cobia.

24 inch Trout

We were out fishing in Horseshoe I ended up catching my biggest trout so far this year at 24 inches . A lot fun that day .

biggest Blue Fish

Caught a blue fish earlier in the season 12 inches then caught this one on June 28 a 17 1/2 inches in Cedar Key. Catch and release.

Slow day at Cedar Key

Some days your best photo opportunity is “Baby Shark“