Top of the Slot

Hank McGinley with a solid 27 inch Redfish he caught while airboat fishing with his Dad, Chris McGinley, near Spanish Bayonet.

A Redfish on a Seahorse

Jeff Gartland with an over-slot red caught on Seahorse Reef [photo by Mike Browning]

Troublesome Bycatch

Marcia and I were trolling Seahorse Reef yesterday for Spanish when crossed paths with school of 100+ Bull Reds. Diverted our attention from Mackerel for 20″+ – we both had one on :).

His/hers inshore slams plus

Double inshore slams with bonus Pompano, Bluefish and, catch/release 25” Snook. A day where almost all spots tried were alive with fish activity. Definitely, have gone many times where almost all places had no activity.