Feb 12th my wife lovely wife Brandi caught this beautiful redfish in the Crystal River area using a live shrimp. It was one of two redfish landed and as well as 4 nice trout.

Happy New Year!

Red released as was 2-3″ too big, yet, great fun to catch. Only Red – had numerous small Trout to release with few keepers.

“Blue Fish or Bust” Knopf success

Last chance of year to clinch Ten Slam Award. Was looking bleak when Ken caught Blue at one. Debbie kept us all in suspense. The Captain was putting gear away to end trip when Debbie caught her Blue on LITERALLY the last cast of day. Quite a way to end the year!

Puffer Pride

Fishing with the kids for panfish in the kingfish hole.

First Legal AJ

We went out 20+ miles looking for Grouper and we ended up catching some AJs I finally got my first legal AJ, he was 47″ long and weighed 36lbs, to bad I had to release it.


John Byatt catch and release, legal Amberjack. Number nine species for Ten Slam Award pursuit! Caught at Barge 11/14/16.


John Byatt brings a nearly 3lb Cedar Key doormat to the boat

The Great(est) Barricuda

Nia Morales, while attempting to real in a spanish mackerel, discovers another species that also likes to dine on small mackerel. The Great Barricuda! This specimen ate the spanish mackerel in 3 bites, getting itself hooked in the process. After a fight on 20lb test, Nia brought the fish boat-side and we gently raised it with the gaff to remove […] Continue Reading


Virgil Cooper – perfect throw at GOFC shrimping excursion in Palatka 8/20/16