College of Veterinary Medicine

Lecture Hall A (V1-101) – behind the Veterinary Academic Building

The College of Veterinary Medicine campus is located on SW 16th Avenue a block east of where it forks off Archer Road. The Veterinary Academic Building is the tallest building on the veterinary campus at 3 stories — you can’t miss it.

Coming east on Archer Road take the right fork at the light in front of fire station and turn right at the next light (16th & Shealy Drive). Turn right onto Shealy drive.

From SW 13th St, turn west onto SW 16th at the light by the new Steak and Shake. Go a bit over a half mile, past the first light to the next light (16th & Shealy Drive). Turn left onto Shealy Drive.

From Shealy Drive, turn left almost immediately into the parking lot, and follow the driveway around the east side of the main building and park in the small parking behind the building (overflow parking is in the larger lot immediately to the east). The New Lecture Hall is located on the north side of the small parking lot.

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