Tournaments, Funaments, and Contests

Yes, we like to fish. Sometimes we like to fish competitively – small purses to just bragging rights. The club sponsors many fishing events to promote this friendly rivalry.

  • Single-event tournaments
  • Funaments
  • Angler of the Year
  • Dave-Abril Youth King Mackerel Championship
  • Bernie Fowler Award
  • Most Unusual Species Award
  • Photo Contest

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Other On-the-Water Activities

The GOFC also recognizes that it is just plain fun to be on the water. As such, the club sponsors many non-fishing water events. Additional activities include:

  • Learnaments – unfamiliar with an area? Follow a GOFC captain around their home waters and learn…
  • Scallop Outing – join your fellow members in the search for the elusive scallop
  • Road Trips – events in which a number of member boats travel somewhere together – no prizes or competition, just a real good time

On Land (when we can’t be on the water)

The GOFC hosts several yearly events that keep us planted firmly on the ground. Most events include good food (we have some of the best seafood cooks in Florida) and tall tales. The list of usual suspects includes:

  • Monthly Meetings – raffles, stories, and informative speakers (Fourth Tuesday of every month; begin at 7:00PM)
  • Oyster Roast – just what the name implies
  • Ellet Auction – a club fundraiser (bring your old fishing stuff and buy some old fishing stuff)
  • Seafood Banquet – a feast fit for royalty