First AJ of day – Debby scores!

Great day. Caught our limit of one Amberjack per person with no need to get a catch workout with numerous small ones before legal size fish boated. That said, we all got quite a workout with one AJ we each caught!

Father’s Day bonus!

Ideal weather though hot – Barge trip. 35″ catch/release AJ to complete my Ten Slam Award pursuit. 2nd AJ caught so didn’t have to endure too much pain. Also, delighted to catch limit of Red Snapper – great to bring a few home. Thank you to FWC, CCA and all making possible!

2017 Taxes Paid!!

While fishing the barge off of Cedar Key a full grown shark took a nice chunk out of a very respectable AJ

Doubled Up

John and Carlos double hooked on amberjacks. At one point, all 3 of us were hooked up. Insanity ensues.

Nia’s First AJ

On her first AJ trip ever, Nia quickly discovered why we call them Reef Donkeys. This specimen came in at over 30lbs.


A little rough last weekend, but we made it out ~25-30 miles from Steinhatchee. 4 legal AJs for the morning, kept 1. Released a bunch of other fish too. Great day despite the NE winds.

First Legal AJ

We went out 20+ miles looking for Grouper and we ended up catching some AJs I finally got my first legal AJ, he was 47″ long and weighed 36lbs, to bad I had to release it.


John Byatt catch and release, legal Amberjack. Number nine species for Ten Slam Award pursuit! Caught at Barge 11/14/16.

New record AJ

Trip out of cedar key to a wreck in a far away Galaxy !

Reef Donkey Regret

Perhaps it was after the 7th Amberjack that John Byatt began to regret using light tackle