Doubled Up

John and Carlos double hooked on amberjacks. At one point, all 3 of us were hooked up. Insanity ensues.

Nia’s First AJ

On her first AJ trip ever, Nia quickly discovered why we call them Reef Donkeys. This specimen came in at over 30lbs.

The Great(est) Barricuda

Nia Morales, while attempting to real in a spanish mackerel, discovers another species that also likes to dine on small mackerel. The Great Barricuda! This specimen ate the spanish mackerel in 3 bites, getting itself hooked in the process. After a fight on 20lb test, Nia brought the fish boat-side and we gently raised it with the gaff to remove […] Continue Reading

Release the reds

Nia releases her 3.8lb Redfish in Cedar Key, and does so quickly, as the approaching clouds sent us on our way back to the marina before it got ugly!

The One That Got Away

…he got away… into our boat. We lost several other Gags this trip to at least one (maybe more) goliaths. This hog of a gag somehow escaped the triple-digit goliath that kept pulling our catches back into the deep.

Nia’s First Little Tunny

With about 30 minutes to spare before we had to head to the weigh-in for the 2015 Fall Tournament, Nia hooked up with her first Lilttle Tunny in about 45′ of water in Cedar Key. The fish hit a white 1oz bucktail with wire leader

Nia vs. the RGs

Our first-ever attempt at finding Red Grouper resulted in a very memorable trip! Limited out with a bunch of lunkers in 40′ of water. They were hitting so fast and hard, we started to just share one rod. One person fished, while the other rested and cheered on.