‘‘Tis the season for spawners visit”

March winds eased enough to allow offshore venture from Cedar Key last Sunday. Full Moon, extreme low with N-NE wind draining inshore waters for 9:30 low tide. Ed and Marcia display fish they each caught/kept – released rest. Having for dinner tonight.

Jack and Melvina Cutright’s success!

Cedar Key last Sunday. To Breezy in am, yet, calmed at noon allowing offshore venture. Jack caught bonus Flounder – nice surprise!

A bandit, bait steeler that didn’t get away.

Wind lulled at noon and gave us window to visit dry dock – Cedar Key last Sunday. Captain and crew each caught Sheepshead and kept one each for dinner – released rest. Marcia Ellett displays her catch.

Timmy’s Sheepshead

Fourteen sheepshead landed ane one anchor left on bottom to mark spot

Airboat Fishing at Cedar Key

My grandson, Wes Hudson, called me up a while back and says “Grandaddy I’ve been checking the tides and January 4 looks good for airboat fishing, would you take me and some buddies airboat fishing for my birthday. Naturally, the answer was a resounding yes. So, I took 3 twelve year old boys airboat fishing. We had a blast, caught […] Continue Reading