New Vermillion Snapper Club Record

kknopf_snapper_00Capt. Ken Knopf is at it again! Ken’s 1.4 lb Vermillion Snapper is almost double the previous record weight for the species!

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Remember, if you think you have a GOFC record entry:

  • GOFC Weigh Slip must be printed and signed.
  • The entry must be weighed on a State certified scale (Publix, Robinson’s Seafood, etc.) to obtain a hardcopy receipt of weight, OR the entry may be weighed on one of three Official GOFC scales (see Jay Peacock, Mark Rustemier, or Allen Turner).
  • A photo of the entry must be submitted to the club for positive identification. If possible, keep the fish intact and on ice until verified by the GOFC Board.

Congratulations, Ken…4 down and a hundred more to go!!!