Cedar Key December fish/dive trip

December 4 2021, Cedar Key off shore fish/dive trip with my son Eric. The day produced variable dense fog all day offshore, calm with surface water temperature reaching 65 degrees in the afternoon. We had planned on at least one dive which came after noon, since we had waited long enough on the sun and warmer temperatures to break through. We had one 24 inch gag hook and line and needed more fish for the family.
After the initial cold water splash, viz was 20 feet, and we found the structure loaded with nice gags, hogfish, mangrove snapper and a huge sea turtle. With the addition of a 3mm hood/vest to the 3mm wetsuit the dive was comfortable. It is the one time it is an advantage to carry a few extra pounds of insulation!

December 4 2021 Cedar Key cold water spearfishing on the FISHSLAYER

Jeff Gartland