AJ, Grouper and Red Snapper Online Tournament

Location: Club Waters

Dates: October 17-18, 24-25, 31 & Nov 1, 2020

GOFC MEMBERS ONLY – Members shall be in good standing at the time of the tournament. No guests allowed.


This is an online tournament.  Fish caught on any days outside of the dates listed above cannot be counted.

Only legal fish per FWC regulations will count.

• Greater Amberjack

• Red or Gag Grouper

• Red Snapper

Greater Amberjack – Min. size limit of 34 in. Fork Length

Gag Grouper – Min. size limit of 24 in. (close mouth & pinch tail)

Red Grouper – Min. size limit of 20 in. (close mouth & pinch tail)

Red Snapper – Min. size limit of 16 in. (close mouth & pinch tail)

Fish must be measured on an accurate measuring device to the nearest quarter inch. Fish to be measured per FWC guidelines. – https://myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/recreational/measurement/

Each angler is asked to only submit their longest fish per species.  Multiple catches of the same species will not count toward the total length aggregate.  Only one species of grouper can be submitted per angler so pick your longest grouper.

Example of total length aggregate:

Capt. Ron Sanderson submitted his largest fish of each species (one grouper only, red OR gag).  He caught a 34” Greater AJ, a 24” Gag Grouper and a 16” Red Snapper.  His total length aggregate is 74”.  34” + 24” + 16” = 74”

Please submit an email with the following information:

• Angler’s name:

• Fish Species:

• Total Length of Fish:

• Photo attached that shows the length of the fish as stated in the rules above.

All email must be submitted to gofctournamentdir@gmail.com by November 4th, 2020

Please contact Tournament Chairman – Capt. Ron Sanderson with any questions.


Awards will be based on total length aggregate

1st Place $300.00

2nd Place $200.00

3rd Place-$100.00


ALL ANGLERS AND INDIVIDUALS PARTICIPATE AT THEIR OWN RISK and have a current Waiver of Liability on file with GOFC.

Interpretation of the tournament rules shall be at the sole discretion of the Tournament Chairman.

Captain Ron Sanderson

Date(s) - Saturday, 10/17/2020 - Sunday, 11/01/2020
7:00 am - 7:00 pm




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