Saturday, August 23, 2014
A trailer caravan will leave the Waldo road Sonny’s Restaurant parking lot at 7:00AM
Depart the Shands Pier Road public ramp at 8:15-8:30 AM.


St. Johns River – Green Cove Springs

Driving Directions from Gainesville to the Shands Pier Road public boat ramp: north to Starke, right/east on Highway 16 at Downtown Starke intersection. Travel through Penney Farms to Green Cove, road dead ends into lighted intersection in downtown Green Cove, take a right and within ¼ mile take a left onto Highway 16 going over the Shands Bridge. Just before the bridge, on your left, is “Shands Pier Road”. Take Pier road until dead ends at ramp. Travel time from Gainesville is 1-1.5 hours.

Shands Pier Road public ramp is best suited for Bay Boat or smaller. Black Creek public ramp is well suited for larger boats and nearby. Ask Ed for direction if want to participate with larger boat.


Ed Ellett on VHF channel 9 at the River. Ed will be a guest on the Daniel’s boat, “Doc Holliday”. Please RSVP to Ed (331-8044 or if you plan to attend. Call or e-mail if you have pre-trip questions too.

If interested in going, yet, don’t own a smaller boat/boat, let Ed know, and, he will seek to match you with a Captain with extra space. It is appropriate you offer to help your host Captain with trip expense. A call to Captains: if you have extra space, and, can host a guest, please let Ed know.

What to Bring:

  1. Shrimping Cast Net (webbing on perimeter (helps it open on way down)
  2. Gloves – pulling long, wet line can be rough on the hands
  3. Button-less shirt – amazing how a cast net can find/tangle with a button at the least opportune time!
  4. Five gallon bucket to measure a boat limit, towel to cover, extra ice to keep shrimp cool as accumulate
  5. Laundry baskets/plastic washtub to flush net of shrimp after throws
  6. Saltwater fishing license/all boat safety gear current
  7. Cold drinks and appropriate warm weather clothing, including an extra shirt – yes, it will be hot!
  8. Sometimes, extra rope to tie to/extend your cast net rope.

Trip Plan:

Based on initial scouting report, the plan will be to shrimp on/near channel edge off Shands pier – ie. Not far from the boat ramp.  For those who feel the need to use more boat gasoline than a gallon J, ask Ed for tips on areas to explore.

Event Duration:

Captains choice – ie. When a limit is filled, or, you are exhausted. If the weather is nice a short trip to Outback Crab House just south of Shand’s Bridge is a wonderful way to end the day (a cold beverage is extra refreshing after throwing the net – they, also, serve an excellent shrimp platter): 8155 County Road 14, St. Augustine, Fl. 32092, 904-522-0500. Call Ed for water directions.

Scouting Report:

After receiving a tip from GOFC member, Brian Kiel, and, reading Gary Simpson’s, 8/1/14, Gainesville Sun column, your GOFC Club point contact for event, yours truly, went on scouting trip with Charlie Courtney and Lou Graf, Saturday morning, August 2nd. I am pleased to confirm a boat limit though most of shrimp were in small to medium range. After HOURS cleaning my 1/3 share, it sure would be nice if larger shrimp show up for event – ie. Cuts de-heading time in half for same end product!


photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Scouting Report Update: 8/20

Not as many shrimp as when Charlie, Lou and I went the 2nd, yet, there were more medium sized ones. Ken and I threw nets for half day and got solid half limit. The Shands Pier area remained the best. We tried marker #24 with no luck, and, east side of Shand’s Bridge for just a few.

As the pictures note, the catch was definitely varied – numerous small croakers, flounder like fish, catfish, AND, some prime Cobia bait – an Eel. Ken lunged to catch the Eel as soon as it flushed from my net – Ken had great visions of using on a future Cobia trip – definitely, “secret” weapon Cobia bait. Then…he started remembering new grandfather plans, etc. forthcoming, and, released the specimen.

photo 3


photo 2


photo 1


photo 4

Date(s) - Saturday, 08/23/2014
8:15 am - 5:00 pm

St. Johns River - Shands Pier Road Public Boat Ramp



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