Shrimp-a-thon / Learnament


  • Saturday, August 24, 2019
  • Depart Crystal Cove Marina in Palatka at 8:15-8:30 AM.



Ed Ellett on VHF channel 9 at the River. Please RSVP to Ed (331-8044 or if you plan to attend. Call or e-mail if you have pre-trip questions too. Last minute participants with no RSVP are welcome.

If interested in going, yet, don’t own a boat, let Ed know, and, he will seek to match you with a Captain with extra space. It is appropriate you offer to help your host Captain with trip expense. A call to Captains: if you have extra space, and, can host a guest, please let Ed know.

What to Bring:

1) Shrimping Cast Net (webbing on perimeter (helps it open on way down))

2) Gloves – pulling long, wet line can be rough on the hands

3) Button-less shirt – amazing how a cast net can find/tangle with a button at the least opportune time! The new GOFC, long sleeve T-shirts are perfect.

4) Five gallon bucket to measure a boat limit, towel to cover, extra ice to keep shrimp cool as accumulate

5) Laundry baskets/plastic washtub to flush net of shrimp after throws

6) Saltwater fishing license/all boat safety gear current. Please note: regulations do not permit MORE THAN 2 PEOPLE THROWING A CAST NET FROM A SINGLE BOAT AT THE SAME TIME.

7) Cold drinks and appropriate warm weather clothing, including an extra shirt – yes, it will be hot!

8) Sometimes, extra rope to tie to/extend your cast net rope.

Trip Plan:

Based on initial scouting report, the plan will be to shrimp on/near telephone wire crossing opposite side of river from Crystal Cove Marina.  For those who feel the need to use more boat gasoline than a gallon J, ask Ed for tips on areas to explore.

Event Duration:

Captains choice – ie. When a limit is filled, or, you are exhausted.

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Date(s) - Saturday, 08/24/2019
8:15 am - 5:00 pm

Crystal Cove Marina



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