Fishing tree

What to do with the extra poles.

Ladies rule!

Both Kings on at same time – pandemonium!!!! Marcia Ellett and Melvina Cutright fishing in Cobia/Mac Attack tournament.

Steinhatchee slam

Action and variety – staples of a great fishing trip!

Jack and Melvina Cutright’s success!

Cedar Key last Sunday. To Breezy in am, yet, calmed at noon allowing offshore venture. Jack caught bonus Flounder – nice surprise!

Lesson learned

Pictured Jack and Melvina Cutright with a Croaker they each caught. Either one would have broken current GOFC record. Only problem, Captain Ed Ellett did not suggest a check until AFTER fish were filleted. Remember to print out club records and have handy!

Fishing Report from Ed – Grouper trip Cedar Key

Jay Peacock took Jack and Melvina Cutright on GOFC Auction trip they won year before last. I (Ed Ellett) was invited by the Cutrights to round out the crew. Jay was an excellent host/Captain!! We were all spoiled with his tackle preparation, boat preparation/clean up and Grouper fishing knowledge. He was most attentive, and, got in very little fishing himself. […] Continue Reading