Fishing Report from Ed – Grouper trip Cedar Key

Jay Peacock took Jack and Melvina Cutright on GOFC Auction trip they won year before last. I (Ed Ellett) was invited by the Cutrights to round out the crew.

Jay was an excellent host/Captain!! We were all spoiled with his tackle preparation, boat preparation/clean up and Grouper fishing knowledge. He was most attentive, and, got in very little fishing himself. I’m sure this same scenario plays out when he fishes with his more regular partners Lou Graf, Hal Wilson….Lou, Hal, is that so? Though I think he was somewhat disappointed a limit of Gags was not caught to close out the season, we all had a great time with plenty of action including two keeping Gags, and, what may hold up to the the largest Flounder caught by a GOFC member for 2014. Thank you Jack Cutright for including me, and, thank you Jay for being a great host Captain. There sure are some nice, occasional, opportunities coming up at GOFC auction!

Pictured are:

1) Jay, Jack and Melvina with Jack’s 3+lb Flounder. Jack was going to pursue an official weight since Flounder was over three pounds and “tis the season” another GOFC member may be fortunate enough to catch a large one. To be recognized fully for GOFC annual contest, Flounder over three pounds need an official weight slip (Publix, NW Seafood, Club scale in possession of┬áPresident, etc.). Otherwise, GOFC will only recognize 3 lbs though the Flounder may weigh more.

2) Cedar Key Snapper aka Pink Mouth Grunt lasso catch – ie. not hooked. Sure must have been some crazy activity around the hook/bait for that to happen! The fish seems to have a bit of a crazy eye look.

3) Jay’s Pathfinder, “Reel Trouble” lined up to launch on outside ramp pre-sunrise Sunday morning. Beautiful sunrise in background, and, light wind heralding the start of a nice day.

4) 8.5 lb Gag Grouper pictured after catch with yours truly.