Personal Best 25″ Gator Trout from Kayk

UF Homecoming Day, I ventured out to Kayak Fish near Shired Island for the afternoon. Mackeral were attacking and stealing my trolling mullet, but no hook ups. Using mainly a Slayer Mullet style paddle-tail under a popping cork. Coming up on some moving waters off a point of a large island, I figured it was a perfect ambush spot for predators to steal an easy meal caught in the current. After a couple retrieves of hard plastic, I went back to my popping cork and instantly hooked up on my personal best Trout. a few violent shakes of the head felt more like a decent snook, but when I got close enough, I was able to get a glimpse of the beautiful Gator Trout. I landed it quickly with my net and got it measured, turning my video on and getting some screenshot images of the fish. I released the Trout to live another day, since I already had another 18+ inch Trout in my bag.

25″ Gator Trout – Released