Backwater Slot Snook!

There is no better way to end the day than to land a slot Snook fish! It was a hot Friday, but the Ozello waterways were gorgeous, and the fishing pressure was very low. My plan was to fish the incoming tide, and I didn’t have to go far to sight cast a couple of decent Reds, but to no avail I couldn’t get one to bite. Live pin-fish were abundant and seemed to be the most effective bait, landing me a couple of Jack Crevalle, and under-slot, but beautifully spotted trout. I missed several other fish on the live pins, but could not ID them. Coming back toward the ramp, I decided to try one last spot. Once I reached a dead end with a couple misses on the pin-fish, I thought my day was over. As I trolled the live pin fish, I was also casting out my trusty mullet style paddle-tail which is my go to search bait and site cast bait. I was using a 4″ length Salt Water Assassin paddle-tail with a 1/4 oz weighted/weedless 3/0 hook working the edges and turns around the islands. Making my way through the last pass into the cove, I found a murkier but a prime ambush spot for predator fish to pick off bait coming through around the first bend. On my second cast, a huge thump on my lure spike my blood pressure…fish on!! The “line-sider” immediately revealed itself and started running; and after a few minutes of a solid tug-of-war and head shakes I tired out the fish and was rewarded with my first in season, slot 31″ Snook…this one came home with me, and it sure was tasty! Until next time, tight lines!

Mike R.

Last cast of the day, best catch of the day!