Mackerel Learnament – Postponed. To be rescheduled at a later date

When: Saturday, April 26This event has been cancelled for 4/26 and will be rescheduled when water conditions around Suwannee improve

Time: 7:00 am

Where: Suwannee

Details: Captain Russ Roy will lead this event. Any club member can come to the Learnament with anybody on board.  We will go out of Suwannee and meet in the River just outside the town.  Russ will be in the River a bit before 7:00 in his 20’ CC white Pro-Line and we will leave at about 7:20 am.  There are several marinas in Suwannee where you can launch including Millers and Suwannee Marina (Russ will launch here). There is one public ramp just off 349 but it has very little parking.

We will be going out about 10 to 15 miles and will travel about 20 to 25 mph going and coming to the fishing areas.  We will run out McGriff Channel and go on a 240 heading from the end of McGriff to Hedemon Reef where we will start fishing.  We will do a lot of trolling.  Light trolling outfits with 20 lb test line will be fine.  Anglers will need light wire leaders and can use smaller spoons such as Drone, or Clark.  (See for some pictures).  White and Yellow feathers (jig heads with white or yellow “feathers”) also work very well.  We will start off trolling different lures until we see what they like.  Trolling speeds will be about 3 to 5 mph and “working” the lures with big sweeps of the rods helps. Don’t set your drag too tight: you should be able to pull line out without too much effort.  The fish will be found over fairly large areas so we don’t need to bunch up.  I will lead everyone to productive areas that I have fished in the past.  (These won’t be hard to find—there will be boats there!)  If the water visibility is good you can explore a bit on your own; look for mixed sandy and grassy bottom, especially if you see schools of bait on the surface.

Anglers are encouraged to take numbers, especially for the route from the River to the end of McGriff.  You will then be able to return on your own whenever you wish, and fish Suwannee again another day.  If you get Spanish mackerel, take a number and work that area some more.  Be careful trolling if there are lots of boats—many of them will be trolling so don’t get too close behind them.  You may see some boats anchored or drifting and casting for Spanish.  You can certainly try this also if you like.  Some will even put some chum out, hoping to keep the fish nearby.

Russ will be on VHS channel 68.  His call name is Jolly Codger and he will also answer to GOFC.  If you are having tackle problems call him with questions or call and work towards him and he’ll help you out.

A number of fish will also hit Spanish lures: bluefish, ladyfish, blue runners, lizardfish and so on.  We can identify these for you if you like.  The important one that you might run into is a king mackerel.  If you do it will probably be a smaller one, less than 10 lbs.  However, your pole will bend way over and the line will sizzle as it comes off the reel.  This type of strike is one of the most exciting in fishing.  Keep your pole tip up, don’t adjust the drag, bring in the other lines if any are out, and prepare to go after the king with the boat.  After the first run they begin to tire and you can begin to play them.  They have lots of sharp teeth just like the Spanish and both should be brought on board carefully.  Again, call if you need help.

Questions can be emailed to me at

Date(s) - Saturday, 04/26/2014
7:00 am - 3:00 pm




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