Back to Basics

By the end of April, all of the club’s favorite pelagics will be back in the Big Bend and it will be prime time to target them.

Three veteran club members with more than 150 years fishing experience between them (!!) will be talking about locations, tactics and tackle for cobia, king mackerel and Spanish mackerel.

Ken Knopf will be sharing tips on cobia – one of Ken’s favorite species and he’s caught a bunch of them including the 89lb specimen that’s the current club record.

Charlie Courtney, while not out scooping up scallops during the summer, has spent many an outing catching king mackerel and has plenty of experiesnce to share on how best to catch this toothy top predator.

Russ Roy on board the Jolly Codger knows a thing or two about catching pretty much everything around the Big Bend. However, Russ will be sharing tips on targeting Spanish mackerel and will be leading the mackerel learnament later in the week to help put theory into practice.

Date(s) - Tuesday, 04/22/2014
7:30 pm

UF Vet School - Lecture Hall A (V1-101)



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